DU Recorder APP 2.4.6: Download the Latest Version For Android, Ios, Windows and Mac (UPDATED 2023)

Best Screen Recorder App?

DU Recorder APK has the ability to record high-quality professional standard clear and smooth videos on your mobile devices like Android and Ios as well as on your PC.

Some of the well-known features of this tool are that Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Video, and Audio editing, Screen capture, and so on.

So that it helps you to record your video gaming sessions, live shows, video calls, and basically that anything happens on your screen.

Further, the screen broadcast feature will help you to broadcast your screen live to social medial platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and many more.

Many video games like DU Recorder live stream application because of that feature.

So they show their gaming skills live to the public.

In that way, you can share and stream anything like movies, tv shows, sports events, musical shows, and many more with others.

Also, you have the option to set broadcasting resolutions, audience comments, and so on according to your desired preference.

Even, if your mobile devices come with screenshot taking capabilities, they not that comprehensive like DU Recorder tool.

So DU recorder app will enhance the screenshot taking features of your mobile device.

DU Recorder Features (Review)

The in-built video editing tool of this screen recorder app saves your time as well as make your life easier.

So you do not have to learn another much-complicated video editing application to edit your recorded video files.

Further, the DU Recorder application allows you to save video files at 360p, 720p, and 1080p Full HD video qualities as well.

In addition to that, you have the option to adjust the number of frames up to 60 FPS.

Some of the popular options of the DU Recorder app are that adding background music, cropping, adjusting the volume of the video files, and so on.

So, once you are done with the editing of your recorded video, you can directly save it to your local device and your device memory.

Further, you can even share it on your social media accounts directly through this app.

More importantly, DU Recorder screen recorder is a lightweight application.

Therefore, it will consume only an insignificant amount of your device capacity like 4Mb and also it does not require much performance on your device to operate this app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get DU Recorder app older versions?

You can download all the previous version of the application from the changelog of this website

What is DU Recorder premium?

DU Recorder premium is a paid version of the application that provide certain additional features than the free version

How to stream DU Recorder output on Snapchat?

You can stream DU Recorder screen recording live to your Snapchat on the social media sharing area of the app

How to Fix DU Recorder no sound issue?

If it is internal sound recording, make sure that you have enabled the audio recording feature. if it is external sound recording, please ensure that you have connected your microphone properly. That fixes the Audio not working problem with the app.

How to Download DU Recorder Pro APK?

Please go to the official download section of the website and subscribe for the Pro version.

How to Download DU Recorder for Chromebook?

You can simply download the app from play store or chrome web store

What is DU Recorder Mod APK?

MOD apk offers all the premium features of DU Recorder for free of charge and it is a non-official version

What are the best Alternatives to DU Recorder?

AZ Screen Recorder is considered to be one of the best alternative for DU Recorder

How to Use DU Recoder App for Live Streaming?

First, start your live streaming session on your screen and then broadcast it to any given platform like Youtube, Facebook and so on

How to stream Facetime through DU Recorder?

There is no difference on what you stream, so you can simple click on the record button on the DU Recorder and then start your Facetime session to record and stream

How to Remove DU Recorder watermark?

Free version comes with the Watermark. however, if you want to remove DU Recorder watermark, you will have to get the premium version or Mod version of the app.

How to recover DU Recorder deleted video files?

When you delete a recorded video file it usually move the file to the Recycle bin. so that you can restore the file from there

How to record internal audio on DU Recorder?

Switch on the audio recording option of the app and then start recording

How to hide DU Recorder icon?

You can just drag and drop the icon to the bottom of your screen to hide it

How to get DU Recorder for android JellyBean version?

Please select the compatible older version of the app from changelog

How to fix DU Recorder black screen?

It usually happens when your VGA card or Internal graphics are not properly integrated with your device. so make sure that you have integrate it properly

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